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Yoga Foundations

build your practice, step by step

foundational poses

healthy biomechanics

profound benefits

yoga adapted to you

This self-paced, introductory level course will allow you to gain comfort and familiarity with foundational yoga poses and movements. New poses are introduced one step at a time, so that you can understand clearly how to do them, with great attention given to optimal biomechanics.


When practiced regularly, yoga can:

- increase flexibility and strength

- improve balance

- reduce backpain and ease arthritis

- support heart health

- help manage the stress response

The majority of the course is broken down into 10-15 minute segments that you can complete at a pace that works for you. There are also two longer classes where you can get a taste of how poses are strung together to make a well-rounded yoga practice. Sessions can be rewatched at any time, and in any order, to support your own learning.

Once enrolled you will have:

- lifetime of access to all the material

- detailed information on how to adapt the poses so that they work for your body

- focus sessions on specific types of poses

- a guide to sun and moon salutations

- access to several classes where it's woven it all together

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