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"Amy’s yoga classes are among the very best.  Her warmth, compassion and grounding presence set the tone for class, her significant knowledge and wisdom the basis of her teaching.  Her classes are constructed in a way that can suit whatever level you are at, or mindset you bring to class.  Her sequences seem designed to spur discovery.  After 10 years of class with her I continue to learn and deepen my practice.  I am drawn back each week to the community she creates, the wisdom she shares and by the personal discoveries I make each day in her class. "

— Lyle, January 2020


"Amy is a gifted healer with a wide foundation of knowledge, wisdom, and lived experience with health, wellness, nutrition, yoga, and beyond.  I participated in her Elimination Diet, and in only a few short weeks, her gentle guidance and support helped me to transform my diet, which has resulted in better physical symptoms and more ease and joy in how I relate to food.  Amy has a deeply grounding earthy energy that is exactly the medicine I needed and I will definitely be referring more clients to her."

— Elizabeth Gutierrez, MD, November 2018

"Amy's yoga class is a unique and powerful experience.  With her vast expertise, incredible wisdom and beautiful kind heart, Amy creates a lovely practice to balance body, mind and spirit.  She infuses the practice with good body awareness of the poses, energy flow, intuition, kindness, joy, breathwork and so much more.  I thoroughly enjoy attending Amy's live zoom classes and am grateful that she offers a library of her previous yoga classes to enhance my own practice."  

— Susan, April 2022

"I am so grateful for the help and guidance you've given me. In the past few months I have learned more than I hoped for in regards to caring for my body, and feel a new sense of confidence and purpose where before there was a lot of frustration and uncertainty. This is invaluable for me! Thank you so, so much for what you do.”

— Magy, March 2017

“Working with Amy has been amazing.  Through our sessions together I’ve come to understand that yoga is not about doing a pose in a particular way, but rather about adapting the practice to my body so I get the most out of each pose. I’m not very flexible, and yoga has been very uncomfortable before for me, but Amy has created a totally different and positive experience for me that’s really benefiting my body."

— Tracy McCarthy, MD, March 2018


"I suffered from migraines for 25 years until I did an elimination diet under Amy's guidance and discovered a whole new way of eating. I have had only 2 migraines in 3 years. As a midwife, I believe that one of the most important predictors of a healthy baby and an uncomplicated birth is good nutrition, it is the thing I spend the most time on during prenatal visits. Amy is the first person I refer people to for issues related to nutrition. She is incredibly knowledgeable, evidenced based, compassionate, and non-judgmental."

— Djina Ariel, CNM, February 2017

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