Nourishing Your Body

from the inside, out

Confused with all the conflicting information floating around about food?

Overwhelmed as to the best way to eat for your body?

Beat yourself up over not eating "right?"

Do you want to learn how to eat so that your body thrive?

Nourishing your body well is a requisite for good health. And yet, nutrition is a topic where there is a vast amount of inaccurate information floating around, leaving many people confused and unsure how to feed themselves. Let's clear up that confusion! 

My new offering, Nourishing Your Body is a 2-month/8-session group program to help women get clear on the best way to eat for her body, and supports her in understanding nutrition, using a functional, whole foods, and an evidence-based model.

Over the course of eight sessions, you will receive education on nutrition basics and guidance on how to start shifting your mindset around food. As you level up your nutritional status, you may experience outcomes such as more energy, better sleep, improved digestive function, and increased hormonal balance. Most importantly, you will learn skills that you can carry with you to support your well-being. We will explore the value of foods nutritionally and how to balance nutrients in a way that optimizes health, based on your health history, stage in life, lifestyle, and preferences; we'll examine what wisdom you already have about your body's needs, and how to tap into that; and, you'll gain awareness of your own relationship with food and how it supports or drains you. 

Overview of sessions:

Session 1, Oct 5th: Tap into your mindset around food and connect with your higher motivations for making change

Session 2, Oct 12th: Understand the importance of macronutrients and optimal sources of those nutrients

Session 3, Oct 19th: How to keep healthy eating habits in place while balancing nourishment of body, mind, & heart

Session 4, Oct 26th: Getting clear on hunger & satiety signals

Session 5, Nov 2nd: Mindful and Intuitive Eating

Session 6, Nov 9th: Questioning food rules

Session 7, Nov 16th: Food as a source of connection 

Session 8, Nov 30th: Closure and review

     By the end of the eight sessions you can expect to gain:

               >>>  more knowledge of nutrients and food

               >>> clarity and ease as you tap into your body's needs
               >>> a greater sense of peace with your nourishment choices

You will get the most out of this if:

>>> you truly want to learn more about nutrition

>>> are looking to make a positive change in your life

>>> you are able to attend all the sessions live

>>> you invest your time and energy in the assignments


Starts October 5th, 2021 with weekly Zoom meetings on

Tuesday from 3:30-5pm*

Pilot (new group) rate: $500/person

*No meeting on Nov 23 (Thankgiving week)