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Weaving together the wisdom of body, mind, and heart for optimal well-being.



Wellness has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. It has also led me all over the world in my studies. Mindfulness is central to my work in

functional nutrition and breath-centric yoga.

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Wellness is cultivated through a wise relationship with yourself.

It's not about the latest food fad, or how many arm balances you can do. It’s knowing how to adapt your way of eating, moving, and living so that you feel energized and strengthened by your health choices, rather than confused and overwhelmed. I partner with my clients as I guide them to a personalized wellness plan, that is body-positive, rooted in functional nutrition, and/or the breath-centric and alignment-based yoga.

Meet Amy

Amy has spent over twenty years studying a variety of health traditions around the world. Her breadth of experience has brought her into both conventional medical settings and holistic healing centers. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, a Master’s in Holistic Health Education and Nutrition, is board certified as a Wellness Coach, and holds certifications in HeartMath, mindful eating, along with thousands of hours of experience teaching yoga. Together, this background equips her with the unique perspective of wellness as a spiritual practice.

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