Annual Yoga Retreat at Bell Valley

March 18-21, 2021

Will it happen??? We will see! I've been in touch with Bell Valley and they have assured me that if they are open in March and hosting retreats, every measure will be taken to keep all participants safe. Meals will occur outside, a large event tent would be set up for yoga, each person or couple would have their own sleeping accomodations, and sanitation measures would be in place. Stay tuned!

Personal Retreat

Given these COVID times, if you are seeking a personal retreat for yourself and/or your loved ones, it can be aranged! You and Amy will work together to decide upon a location and accomodations that meet your needs depending on how many people will be participating, and social distancing needs (i.e. separate bedrooms, open gathering/yoga space, etc). Your personal retreat can be tailored to your interest and incorportate: yoga, nutrition, cooking, meditation, and wellness practices. Please be in touch with Amy to begin planning your retreat! 

Davis, California

Tel: 530.302.5919


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