Hunger of the Spirit

A five month journey into your relationship with food

Are you ready to let go of the food struggles?

Do you want to feel a stronger, clearer, and more meaningful connection 

to the way you choose to nourish yourself?

Are you tired of feeling like food is controlling you?

Do you want to learn how to eat so that your body thrive?

(even if you're traveling, in social settings, or needing to soothe yourself)


Hunger of the Spirit is a 5-month group program to help women deepen their relationship with food by getting clear on:


What to eat – what foods are most nourishing, and how to tailor an eating approach to your unique needs so that you can experience more energy, vibrancy, and less confusion about food

How you eat  we will look at our emotional, mental and spiritual landscape around food, noticing what patterns are present (e.g. emotional eating) and learning ways to shift them, so that eating can be deeply fulfilling, less stressful, and leave you with more self-compassion and confidence

After working with thousands of clients, as well as diving deep into this work personally, I’ve taken all the tools that I’ve found to be most transformative in shifting and healing one’s relationship with food, and have put these together into a five month journey which will culminate in a weekend retreat.  


The journey includes:

  • Mastering your mindset around food so that you can feel more freedom to have your own experience with nourishing your body, rather than living in the world of "should" and "shouldn't."

  • An in-depth understanding and experience of mindful eating so that you can have more awareness of how food actually feels in your body and start to observe the emotional and mental processes around eating and food.

  •  An evidence-based, holistic understanding of what healthy food looks like so you can let go of worry and confusion around what to eat.

  • How to shop and prepare food (including a farmers market and grocery tour, and cooking together) so that you can understand how to source food in alignment and integrity with your values and health needs, and experience food preparation as a mindfulness meditation and ritual. 

  • How to use food as medicine and tailor your eating to your body's unique needs, using the principles of functional nutrition and Ayurveda, so that you can feel energized to live the life you love. 

  • Gentle yoga and embodiment practices to deepen your connection to your body

  • A weekend retreat in nature where we will have the opportunity to cook together, eat together, and engage in rich conversation and joyful movement

Most meetings will be on the first and last Fridays of the month from 1-5pm in Davis, with 1 meeting in July & August each. The final meeting will be a weekend retreat within a few hours of Davis (exact location TBD).


The dates are:

May 10 & 31, 1-5pm

June 14 & 28, 1-5pm

July 13, 9-2pm

August 9, 1-5pm

September 13, 1-5pm

September 27-29 (retreat, Friday 5pm-Sunday 12noon)


My Spirit is hungry! I'm interested in learning more:


Dates TBD