New Year's Elimination Diet

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Start your year strong.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may benefit from an elimination diet:

Gas - Bloating - Constipation

Sugar cravings - Headaches - Joint pain

Fatigue - Brain fog - Sinus congestion

...OR you've just always wondered if your might have a food intolerance!

This 21-day elimination diet involves eating simple, nourishing, and nutrient-dense foods. By removing all processed food, refined grains, sugars, and potential triggers for food sensitivities, you support your body's natural detoxifying process. Eating simply for three weeks also provides a unique opportunity to evaluate what parts of your diet are beneficial and supportive of your health, and where there is room for improvement. Unlike a cleanse, you will never have to go hungry because throughout the entire process you can eat real whole foods!  During this process you will likely feel more energized, tune up your digestion, learn more about your personal relationship with food, and have the opportunity to identify food sensitivities.

This program includes:

> Booklet & handouts

> Sample meal plan

> Shopping list

> 3 group meetings, including a shopping tour

> One private coaching session with Amy 

> Email & text support

> Limited to 7 participants


Fridays, January 10th, 17th, & 31st

Early bird pricing: 360 until 12/15, 400 after


If you'd like to enroll, please contact Amy



New dates TBD

Davis, California

Tel: 530.302.5919


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