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Holistic Nourishment

Mindful Eating

Emotional Eating

Digestive Wellness

Blood Sugar Regulation

Eating for Fertility


For years holistic health has been at the core of my day to day practices. I first began studying holistic health in 2004.​ As a student of comparative religion I went to India to research the integration of religion and healing. While studying tribal and folk medicine I unexpectedly fell in love with yoga when one of my professors required that I did it each morning before class or fieldwork.  The years since then have presented numerous opportunities for me to study bodywork, Ayurveda, yoga, nutrition therapy, and wellness coaching more in depth.


For several years I worked as a massage therapist, and hold over 500 hours of training as a Certified Massage Therapist. I tapered down my practice in 2009 in order to commit fully to graduate school and embrace teaching yoga, which I had started doing after completing a teacher training with Kia Meaux at Kaya Yoga in 2008. My teaching style is most influenced by the Anusara traditions, alignment-based vinyasa, Gary Kraftsow, and Mark Whitwell. I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (e-RYT), and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. I have continue to deepen my yoga practice and build upon my skills as a teacher by participating in advanced workshops and classes at every opportunity.

Nutrition & Wellness
Since 2010 I have been supporting clients to create healthier diets and lifestyles that use food and yoga as a healing modalities, while honoring the unique needs of each individual. In 2011 I completed my Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education ,with a specialization in holistic nutrition, from John F. Kennedy University. In the years since then, I have continued to grow by attending seminars offered through the Institute for Brain Potential and Apex Energetics, completing advanced trainings in Motivational Interviewing. In recent years I have delved into mindful eating and have found it to be an powerful tool to shift our qualitative experience of eating, and deep rooted emotional eating patterns. I was trained as a facilitator in Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) in 2015, and in Spring 2018 I completed a training that weaves together mindful eating and yoga with Michelle May of Am I Hungry?. Additionally, in 2018 I became certified as a HeartMath coach/mentor. HeartMath pairs well with mindful eating, and I have been weaving it into my work as a way to help clients ground, get in touch with their intuition, and inner wisdom around nourishment. Most recently, in November 2018, I passed the newly implemented national board exam for health and wellness coaching (NBC-HWC).